• We are specialized in restoring, servicing, tuning, buying and selling of all types of pre-war cars like Lagonda, Bugatti, Bentley, Rolls Royce, Delahaye, Invicta, Talbot and others.
  • We are not only market leader in pre-war Lagonda services and spare parts; due to our highly skilled work force we are also able to offer full restoration and servicing facilities for any pre-war car.
  • We offer storage for your classic or vintage car in our 2000+ square meter facility in the knowledge that your car could not be looked after by anyone better.
  • We also have full covered vehicles capable of transporting your car to any place in Europe.
    Our drivers have years of incident free experience.
 Do you want to sell your car ? 
Since we are recognised in the market as the Lagonda Specialist,
we are in the best position to find the right customer for the right car.
Please contact Macko or Rob!
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